Helping A University Researcher Buy A New Car, Pick Up Family From The Airport, and Hand-in Her Dissertation All In One Day

Buying a new car shouldn’t be a headache. Our financing services and connections with dealerships make the process simple, fast and convenient.

One of the very first applications the Travelers Auto Finance group received was from a UBC researcher who was just finishing her final dissertation. She was in the middle of a big move and had company coming in from out of town at the same time. She was extremely busy and budget was a concern.

We called her within 10 minutes of her application to get the vehicle details and pre-approved her at the lowest rate within the next half hour. She was ecstatic about the rate as she was quoted higher at the dealership. When she was ready to pick up her new car, we arranged a time that was convenient for her to meet at the dealership to sign the paperwork. Using our dealership contacts, we were able to get the dealership to release the car to her without having payment from us in their account.

It was the same day she handed in her dissertation and had to be at the airport to pick up family. She was grateful for the effort the team at Travelers put in to get her approved and source out pricing, and was even more impressed that it only took 5 minutes to sign her paperwork at the dealership to get her on the road in her new Prius.

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